Oct 14 Feast — The 7 Moles of Oaxaca

1. Apps

Mole Amarillo, Chicken, Huitlacoche (Corn Truffle)

Slow braised Heritage Chicken (Franny’s Farm), in Amarillo Mole, sautéed Huitlacoche, on top Crispy corn tortilla


Mole Rojo, Greens, Queso, Masa (Tamale)

Seasonal greens (medley: Chard, Kale, Collard, Mustard) slow cooked in Rojo Mole, Queso Fresco, Masa (corn meal), Rojo Mole drizzling sauce

Masa/Tamale: House ground masa using dried NC Multi-colored corn


Mole Chichilo, Trout, Pumpkin (Fritter)

Trout and Pumpkin fritter, with a Chicilo Jelly


Paired w/ VAT NO. 1, Bold Rock Hard Cider, Mills River, NC.


2. Small Dish

Mole Verde, Rabbit two ways, Purple Kale

Braised rabbit & grilled rabbit skirt (White Oak Farm) in Mole Verde, marinated Purple Kale, topped with cilantro cream & spice roasted pumpkin seeds

Paired w/ The Prayer Belgian Blonde with Apricot, Burial Beer Co., AVL, NC.


3. Main Dish

Mole Manchamatal, Pork, Peanuts

Mole Manchamatal BBQ Pork Loin (Hickory Nut Gap), fried boiled NC Peanuts, served over Cotija Rice (Risotto)

Paired w/ Bourbon Barrel Aged El Paraiso, Wicked Weed Brewery, AVL, NC.


4. Salad

Mole Coloradito, Mushroom, Fresh Greens

Fresh greens, sautéed Fall Mushrooms (i.e. Lion’s Mane, Oyster, Chicken of the Woods, Maitake, etc.), Black sesame seeds, mole coloradito vinaigrette

Paired w/ Zepptemberfest, French Broad Brewery, AVL, NC.


5. Dessert

Mole Negro, Pastry, Chocolate

Empanada style, flakey pastry filled with Oaxaca Chocolate mousse, drizzled with Mole Negro and Mole Negro icing

Paired w/ Mezcal Digestif


• Ingredients may vary to include foraged seasonal harvest

• Vegetarian option by request




Oct 14 Feast —  Shopping List

Served with housemade tortillas, local cheeses & beer pairing: 

1. Amarillo

Chicken, Leek


2. Rojo

Greens, Masa


3. Chichlo

Trout, Pumpkin


4. Verde

Rabbit, Purple kale


5. Manchamatal

Pork, Peanuts


6. Coloradito

Mushroom, Greens


7. Negro

Pastry, Chocolate


• Ingredients may vary to include foraged seasonal harvest

• Vegetarian option by request


Sept 23 Feast — The Rose Cottage

1. Antipasti

Housemade cured meats:

Nduja: Pork salumi
Lardo: Thin sliced fat
Nervetti: Beef tendon
Guanciali: Seared jowl

Local cheeses:

Housemade Ricotta

Seasonal features from Goat Lady Dairy
& Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery


Marinated vegetables
Foraged mushroom pate
Roasted garlic pepper paste
Fermented okra
Green tomato fennel jam
Rustic bread
Edible flowers


2. Primo

NC Grouper, Chickpea,
Red onion marmalade


3. Secondo

Stuffed Hickory Nut Gap Farms meatball,
Angel hair pasta, Licurdia sauce, Brussels


4. Contorno

Roasted eggplant, Heirloom tomatoes,
Medicinal microgreens, Edible flowers


5. Dolce

Almond biscotti, Local berry custard,
Candied rhubarb

• Ingredients may vary to include seasonal harvest

• Vegetarian option by request